Human Karaoke

Next Gig:
Thursday December 3
9 PM - 1 AM
No cover!

1215 First Avenue
NY, NY 10065


Our corporate and private client list includes: / Rainbow Media / Warner Brothers / PepsiCo
Philip Morris / Yale University / Rutgers University / Pace University
Stevens Institute of Technology / Sotheby's
Mysteries of Laura cast and crew wrap party

1010 WINS Radio named us
as one of the top 5 things to do in NYC!

Time Out NY magazine (Aug 4, 2011) named us as one of NYC's
best live karaoke bands
. We were the first band mentioned!

"There is no us without u!"

Ever wanted to sing with a live band? Now's your chance with The Human Karaoke Experience (HKE) - America's #1 live karaoke band! Pick a tune from NYC's largest live band karaoke song list (756 songs!)

We have more songs than any other NYC karaoke band, as well as more styles of music, everything from doo wop to hip hop! So, regardless of the age of your audience or the type of occasion, the HKE has the songs you want to sing!

What makes us special is our personal touch that is unmatched by anyone in the industry. That's why we're called the Human Karaoke Experience.

The HKE is also a unique way to have a great time at all kinds of occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, confirmations, private parties, and corporate events!

Band Members:
Tony Novarro - Guitars, Bass, Mandolin
Marty Bender - Bass, Keyboards
Fernando Menendez - Percussion

Want us to learn a song for you? It's easy - just ask. We do it for free! Do you know that some other karaoke bands charge you $40 to learn a new song for you? Why would anyone pay a band to learn new songs when we do it for free???

You will never be charged a "per song" fee to sing with us, like some other live karaoke bands do.

It is OUR privilege to have YOU sing with us. That's why our motto is, "There is no us without u!", and that's why we're America's #1 live karaoke band!

"We are insured!"